FUK - Japenese whisky

FUK - Japenese whisky
FUK Japenese whisky is a three year-old whisky, distilled from barley, instead of rice; like most Japenese whiskies. The abreveation FUK stands for Fukuoka International Airport. Located in Kureme city, Fukuoka prefecture, Benitomo Shuzo distillery has access to one of the best water sources in Japan - Chickugo river and excellent barley from surrounding fields. FUK whisky is a travels expression, thus we named it after the Fukuoka International Airport, it is perfect for foreign and domestic travelers to the region and people worldwide.
Brand: FUK
Type: Whiskey
Region: Japan
ABV: 40%
Size: 750ml
Case Size: 6 bottles
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