WC Beverage - Privacy Policy

WC Beverage, LLC (referred to herein as "WC Beverage") recognizes the importance of protecting the information it collects from users in the operation of wcbevdc.com.

To enhance the user experience, WC Beverage may ask you for information such as your name, e-mail, mailing address as well as other information to identify you as a particular visitor. You agree and understand that WC Beverage will only use this information to better your experience on the site and/or as a customer of WC Beverage. To collect this important information, WC Beverage and our online partners may use cookies to do all or some of the following:

(1) track user activity on wcbevdc.com to generate site usage reports,
(2) keeping a user logged into the website
(3) record user-specific information on what pages or other sites the user accesses or visits, and
(4) The type of information collected could include user geographic location, which pages each user visits, ISP, GMT timeframe, referral and destination sources, as well as visit duration.

Notice to EU visitors. The information you provide will be transferred out of the European Union (EU) to the United States. By providing information to WC Beverage and visiting the site, you hereby consent to the storage and use of information as described herein. If you wish to view, update, delete or transfer your personal information, or if you wish to withdraw consent and/or otherwise exercise your rights pursuant to the GDPR, please click here.

WC Beverage does not share any data collected with third parties not directly related with WC Beverage.

By accessing wcbevdc.com, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. This privacy and data protection policy may change at any time and will be updated at this https://www.wcbevdc.com/privacy-policy.

Any comments or questions concerning this policy or to change your preferences or remove your info you can contact us by clicking here. Or via written request to,

WC Beverage
2202 18th Street NW #133
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