Hemosu Pine Forest - Soju

Hemosu Pine Forest - Soju
Over 530 years and passed down from 16 generations the Hadong Jeong family combines pines and rice to create an elegant mouthfeel with a hint of honey.

Hemosu Pine Forest Soju is said to be a breeze passing through the pines. Herbal notes, representing the earthy, refreshing, lush environment in which it was crafted. This soju will be the most refreshing soju you have ever had, enjoy it neat or chilled. Pairs perfectly with sweet steak, any grilled meats, and savory vegetables.

What the experts say:

"Stellar gorgeous note, highly aromatic, beautiful in cocktails." - Rick Arline, Sommelier, Georgie
"Fresh sweet nose. Gently aromatic. The front is gorgeous with herbal freshness. The middle is slightly sweet and round. The finish is light. I'd make a stirred Martini-style cocktail with this." - Cari Hah, Bar Manager, Big Bar
Brand: Hemosu Pine Forest
Type: Soju
Region: Korea
ABV: 40%
Size: 750ml
Case Size: 6 bottles
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