Hemosu Field of Barley - Soju

Hemosu Field of Barley - Soju
Over 530 years and passed down from 16 generations, the Hadong Jeong family created one of the most versatile soju's on the market by innovating with a flavor we have never seen before, and bartenders are lining up to craft cocktails with a base as unique as our Barley Soju.

Golden barleys from the famous Kimje fields create a gentle sweetness and deep flavor which is mellowed with hardwood charcoal that finishes with a smooth mouthfeel.

What the experts say:

"Butterscotch on the nose, soft chocolate notes soften into nuts." - Mara Marski, Bartender, Barrel & Ashes

"Hints of white chocolate and coconut fill the nose. The sweetness of grain and malt carry across the palate, leaving the idea of coconut milk." - Matt Bostick, Beverage Director, Baldoria
Brand: Hemosu Field of Barley
Type: Soju
Region: Korea
ABV: 40%
Size: 750ml
Case Size: 6 bottles
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